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SURMA @ Painbar

@ 20h30
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Date : mars 12
Heure : 20h30
évènement Categories :Concert, Gratuit
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Lieu : Painbar
Adresse: 5 place de la République
Nantes, 44200 FR

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Prochain concert à Painbar : la venue de l’artiste SURMA en provenance du Portugal, un très cool moment post rock à venir 🔥


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La bio :

Surma is inspired by silence to create her own universe of songs in jazz, electronics, and a multiplicity of influences to explore paths that are not always obvious, but with a strong identity, her own phonetics, and unique moments that can take us from the nordic fjords to cosmopolitan cities.

Surma has a special and rare light, highlighted by the addition of impressive awards and achievements that explain the scope of her music, her ideas and her personality.

The debut « Antwerpen », edited in 2017, took her to a three-year tour, performing more than 250 times across fifteen countries, between small clubs to imposing open-air festivals. Surma has also accumulated countless side projects – soundtracks, sound design projects, music for theater and dance, collaborations with other musicians -, showing her energy, but also her generosity and will to go further, doing more and, above all, different.

The new album « alla » is a challenge without barriers, in which she is surrounded by several participations of various musical genres to deepen and consolidate even more her own unique universe.
On stage, « alla » surprises the audience with the freshness of a renovated, intense and free Surma, taking the public to the discovery of a new aesthetic.

Comme d’hab on fait à manger, le concert est à prix libre et démarre à 20H30, à toute au comptoir 🥂🥂🥂